Tuesday, April 28, is the International Day of Mourning.

It’s a day to remember those injured or killed on the job and those suffering from an occupational illness.
It’s a day to remember that every moment counts and to work safely.

173 B.C. workers lost their lives in 2014.
Every day on average, 662 Canadians suffer a lost-time injury or occupational disease at work. Nearly three die each day.
In total, 241,933 Canadian workers suffered a lost-time injury or disease and 902 lost their lives in 2013.

Maybe you’ve never experienced a close call at work or been the victim of a serious incident. But chances are you know someone—a family member, friend, co-worker—who has.
All it takes is a moment of inattention.
A moment of using a dangerous shortcut you’ve gotten away with many times before.
A moment of rushing to finish a job to get out of work at the end of a long day and get home.
And in an instant, your life is forever changed. Minor impairment, loss of limb, sometimes even loss of life—the human impact that workplace accidents have on their victims, families, and communities can be devastating. Behind the injured and killed at work statistics are real people with real families.

Today is a day to Reflect, Remember, Resolve, and Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses to help keep B&B a safe and healthy workplace.